Writing and Rhetoric
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Course Schedule

Spring 2015 - PhD

ENGH 726    Public Rhetorics (Steve Holmes)

ENGH 822    Topics in Composition (Michelle LaFrance)


Spring 2015 - MA-PWR

ENGH 502    Research Methods in Rhetoric and Professional Writing  (Susan Lawrence)

ENGH 503    Theory and Practice of Editing (Roger Lathbury)

ENGH 505    Document Design  (Steve Holmes)

ENGH 507    Web Authoring and Design (Doug Eyman)

ENGH 615    Proseminar in Composition Instruction (Shelley Reid)
                   Available only to current Teaching Assistants

ENGH 697    Composition Theory (Paul Rogers)

ENGH 797    Projects in Professional Writing and Rhetoric (Doug Eyman)

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