Information about the Professional Writing Minor

The minor in Professional Writing provides opportunities to learn and apply advanced strategies for writing academic, professional, and civic documents. Students examine the theoretical, interdisciplinary and professional aspects of writing, and develop their expository, persuasive, organizational, and stylistic skills through close analysis of rhetorical situations and the features and approaches of successful writing. The strong communication and analytical skills developed in earning a professional writing minor contribute to the success and advancement of students pursuing a wide variety of professional careers and graduate education.

The writing minor is a valuable asset for students interested in working in media organizations, trade and professional associations, non-profit organizations related to the arts, schools, and social change; it is also beneficial to students interested in careers in business, science, engineering, accounting and many others that demand strong writing and communication skills for promotion and advancement.

If you are considering the writing minor, please be sure to review the scheduling considerations for available coursework to be sure that you can complete the minor by the time you wish to graduate.