Munira Mutmainna

Munira Mutmainna

Graduate Research Assistant

International, multilingual, multicultural technical communication and writing, rhetoric of health and medicine, access and marginalized populations, immigrant population, research methods, technology and qualitative research.

Munira Mutmainna is a Doctoral candidate in Writing and Rhetoric. After getting her Master's in TESOL and Linguistics, she is currently working towards her dissertation on immigrant health rhetoric and communication in the U.S. setting. Her work revolves around multicultural and multilingual technical communication, access, equity and inclusion, user experience (UX), non-native English speakers, international student populations, immigrant communities in the U.S., health narratives, professional writing and communication, healthcare system and policies, and health in/and visual medium/culture.

Grants and Fellowships

  • Presidential Scholarship, George Mason University
  • RSA Summer Institute Scholarship
  • GAPSA Travel Grants, George Mason University

Recent Presentations

“A Narrative Inquiry of Health Rhetoric of South-Asian Immigrant Communities in the US Healthcare System”. Presentation. 2023 Conference on College Composition & Communication (CCCC) Annual Convention, IL, 2023.

“Negotiating Identities and Mental Health for Non-native English-Speaking Graduate Student Instructors”. Presentation. 2023 Mason Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference, George Mason University, 2023.

“Health at the Margins: Health Narratives of Multilingual Immigrant Communities in the U.S.”. Presentation. 2023 Mason Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference, George Mason University, 2023.

“Beyond Compliance: Complex Proposal Writing Research and Pedagogy”. Panel Presentation. Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) 2023 Conference, 2023.

“Atelophobia, Perfectionism and the Fear of Failing in Disney’s Encanto”. Presentation. 2022 Mason Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference, George Mason University, 2022.

“Non-Western Rhetoric and the Art of Dissoi Logoi: Conversations in Fan Spaces”. Presentation. Popular Culture Association (PCA) Annual Conference, 2022.

“Beyond the Report: Unpacking Risk in Public Health Data and Communication”. Presentation. 5th Biennial Rhetoric of Health and Medicine Symposium, 2021.

“Writing in the Pandemic: A Study into L2 Graduate Student Writer Experiences”. Presentation. Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA) Annual Conference, Las Vegas, 2021.

“Inclusion and Identities in the U.S. Setting for International Students”. Presentation. Culturally Responsive Campus Community Conference, IL, 2018.