Graduate Assistants


  • Brandon Biller

    Brandon Biller

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    composition studies, first year writing, teaching online

  • Tanya Boucicaut

    Tanya Boucicaut

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Hip Hop rhetoric, Black Church rhetoric, community studies, personal narrative, documentary rhetoric, non-traditional students, theological writing


  • Michelle Lee Conklin

    Michelle Lee Conklin

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Academic, baseline, civic, and information literacies; news media's role in the public sphere; propaganda and fake news; first-year composition; writing program administration; applying Stasis Theory to teaching research and writing; critical thinking and logical fallacies; Kenneth Burke's theory on identification and division in relation to political power and influence.


  • Danielle DeArment-Donohue

    Danielle DeArment-Donohue

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Caitlin Elaine Dungan

    Caitlin Elaine Dungan

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Digital rhetoric, game studies, feminist and queer theory, intersections of queer theory and video games, performativity and embodiment in gaming


  • Indigo Eriksen

    Indigo Eriksen

    feminist theory and pedagogy, composition, advocacy, gender studies


  • Veronica J Garrison-Joyner

    Veronica J Garrison-Joyner

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    composition pedagogy, digital rhetoric and literacy, multilingual learners, minority student populations

  • Jenny Greta Goransson

    Jenny Greta Goransson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Jason Grant

    Jason Grant

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Rhetorical Theory, Rhetorical Criticism, Public Discourse, Political Discourse, Local Government, Public Administration

  • George Guay

    George Guay

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Ronada Hewitt

    Ronada Hewitt

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Millennial Protest/Rhetoric of Confrontation

  • Joan Jiyoung Hwang

    Joan Jiyoung Hwang

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Writing and Rhetoric: critical pedagogy, sociocultural turn of writing pedagogy, multilingual writing, second language writing, translingualism, writing across curriculum, feminist ethnographic research



  • Kathryn Marie Meeks

    Kathryn Marie Meeks

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Visual Rhetoric, Professional and Technical Writing, Rhetoric, Writing Studies

  • Emily Miller

    Emily Miller

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    literacy advocacy, best literacy practices, the achievement gap, high-school English and its connection with college writing/freshman composition, multiplicity as a teaching philosophy, Kenneth Burke, Richard III

  • Maria Carolina Miranda

    Maria Carolina Miranda

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Munira Mutmainna

    Munira Mutmainna

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Nic Nusbaumer

    Nic Nusbaumer

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Institutional Ideologies, Ideologization, Public Citizenship and Dissensus, Linguistic Justice



  • John P Walter

    John P Walter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    digital rhetoric, technical communication, writing across the curriculum, composition pedagogy, digital curation, theories and histories of rhetoric, digital humanities, rhetorics and poetics of memory, media ecology, medieval rhetorics and poetics