Emily Miller

Emily Miller

Emily Miller

Graduate Teaching Assistant

literacy advocacy, best literacy practices, the achievement gap, high-school English and its connection with college writing/freshman composition, multiplicity as a teaching philosophy, Kenneth Burke, Richard III

My name is Emily Miller and I am a student in George Mason's Writing and Rhetoric doctoral program. My lifelong dream is to teach both high school English and freshman composition. I studied in an Education and Literacy program and learned a lot about the impact that literacy instruction has on academic and non-academic future outcomes for students, and I'm excited to continue to research best literacy practices at George Mason University!

Current Research

My research interest is in multiplicity as a teaching philosophy. I can't wait to create an extensive theoretical and pedagogical literature review, to identify multiplicity as a teaching practice through qualitative inquiry, and to continue developing this concept throughout doctoral studies at GMU!

Grants and Fellowships

2011: Transfer Excellence Award at Russell Sage College

2015: Wentworth Research Fellowship at The University of North Carolina Wilmington

2018: Education Scholarship at Russell Sage College

2020: Teaching Assistantship at George Mason University

Courses Taught

Freshman Composition, George Mason University: Currently awarded an assistantship teaching position (2020).

High School English, The Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans: Currently working as a remote/online teacher (2020).

Freshman Composition, The University of North Carolina Wilmington: Taught one freshman class under a one-semester guided teaching internship (2015). 


BA, English and Spanish Language, Russell Sage College in Troy, New York (2013)

MA, English, The University of North Carolina Wilmington in Wilmington, North Carolina (2015)

TEFL Certificate, The Council on International Educational Exchange in Portland, Maine (2016)

MS, Education and Literacy, Russell Sage College in Troy, New York (2020)

Doctoral Student, Writing and Rhetoric, George Mason University (current)