Lacey Wootton

Lacey Wootton

Lacey Wootton

affective labor, professional development, composition, writing across the curriculum

Lacey Wootton is the Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Literature and Director of the Writing Studies Program at American University. Her research interests center on the ways that academic-labor issues, status, affective labor, and writing across the curriculum converge. Wootton's recent work explores whether writing instruction is inherently affective no matter where it's taught and if so, whether that affective element contributes both to disciplinary faculty's reluctance to teach writing and to the traditionally low status of writing instruction.  She is also considering the implications of this possible convergence for writing faculty's labor and for professional development in writing for disciplinary faculty.

Selected Publications

Wootton, Lacey, & Moomau, Glenn. (2017). Building our own bridges: A case-study in contingent faculty self-advocacy. In Seth Kahn, William B. Lalicker, & Amy Lynch-Biniek (Eds.), Contingency, Exploitation, and Solidarity: Labor and Action in English Composition (199-211). University Press of Colorado.

Wootton, Lacey. (2017). A rhetoric of contingency: The affordances of the margins in non-tenure-track faculty blogs. Forum: Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty, 20(2), A8-A16.


MA, Literature
American University

BA, English
University of California at Berkeley

Recent Presentations

"Unionization and the Development of Policies for Non-Tenure Track Faculty: A Comparative Study of Research Universities." 44th Annual Conference of the National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions. New York, New York, March, 2017. Co-presented with Karen Halverson Cross, The John Marshall Law School, and Risa Lieberwitz, Cornell University.