Students in the Program

  • Karen D. Bishop

    Karen D. Bishop

    virtue ethics, retirement, rhetorical nature of yoga, community

  • Tanya Boucicaut

    Tanya Boucicaut

    Hip Hop rhetoric, Black Church rhetoric, community studies, personal narrative, documentary rhetoric, non-traditional students, theological writing

  • Michelle Conklin-Kusel

    Michelle Conklin-Kusel

    Academic, baseline, civic, and information literacies; news media's role in the public sphere; propaganda and fake news; first-year composition; writing program administration; applying Stasis Theory to teaching research and writing; critical thinking and logical fallacies; Kenneth Burke's theory on identification and division in relation to political power and influence.

  • Norma Lourdes Coto

    Norma Lourdes Coto

    Rhetoric of Health and Medicine; embodiment; materiality; wearables

  • Danielle DeArment-Donohue
  • Benjamin Dedman
  • Caitlin Dungan

    Caitlin Dungan

    Digital rhetoric, empathy and video games, intersections of queer theory and video games, performativity and embodiment in gaming, the queer history of horror

  • Indigo Eriksen

    Indigo Eriksen

    feminist theory and pedagogy, composition, advocacy, gender studies

  • Lauren K Foster

    Lauren K Foster

    Writing pedagogies, sociocultural theory, genre theories, and embodiment

  • Veronica J Garrison-Joyner

    Veronica J Garrison-Joyner

    composition pedagogy, digital rhetoric and literacy, multilingual learners, minority student populations

  • Jenny Greta Goransson
  • Jason Grant

    Jason Grant

    Rhetorical Theory, Rhetorical Criticism, Public Discourse, Political Discourse, Local Government, Public Administration

  • Matt Green

    Matt Green

    Genre systems analysis, procedural rhetoric, game design, rhetorics of crowdfunding, creative contexts.

  • George Guay
  • Anna Sophia Habib

    Anna Sophia Habib

    multilingual writing, second language writing, translingualism, trauma studies, feminist rhetorics/rhetorical feminism

  • Jay Hardee

    Jay Hardee

    Queer Rhetorics, Material Rhetorics, and Embodied Rhetorics

  • Ronada Hewitt

    Ronada Hewitt

    Millennial Protest/Rhetoric of Confrontation

  • Sarah Hickling
  • Joan Jiyoung Hwang

    Joan Jiyoung Hwang

    Writing and Rhetoric: critical pedagogy, sociocultural turn of writing pedagogy, multilingual writing, second language writing, translingualism, writing across curriculum, feminist ethnographic research

  • Chalet Jean-Baptiste

    Chalet Jean-Baptiste

    leadership in higher education, diversity and access, African-American rhetorics, composition pedagogies

  • Sarah Johnson

    Sarah Johnson

    Writing and rhetoric: composition pedagogy, mindfulness meditation, writing centers, antiracist writing assessment, translingualism.

  • Chris Kervina
  • Yoon Ji Kim
  • Rachael Graham Lussos

    Rachael Graham Lussos

    medical rhetoric, health communication, proposal writing, activism, multimodal composition

  • Jonathan M. Marine

    Jonathan M. Marine

    Writing Engagement, Pedagogic Theory, Graffiti Rhetorics

  • Jessica Ann McCaughey

    Jessica Ann McCaughey

    Creative Writing: digital media, multimodal composition, professional writing pedagogy and transfer, multilingual writers, creative nonfiction

  • Heather McDaniel
  • Kathryn Marie Meeks

    Kathryn Marie Meeks

    Visual Rhetoric, Professional and Technical Writing, Rhetoric, Writing Studies

  • Emily Miller

    Emily Miller

    reading in freshman composition, reading and writing identities, inequity and racism connected to literacy/literacies, the science of reading, K-12 language practices and their connections with college writing, multiplicity as a teaching philosophy and methodological phenomenon, Kenneth Burke, Richard III

  • Maria Carolina Miranda
  • Jeannette Mulherin
  • Munira Mutmainna

    Munira Mutmainna

    International, multilingual, multicultural technical communication and writing, rhetoric of health and medicine, access and marginalized populations, immigrant population, research methods, technology and qualitative research.

  • Esther R Namubiru

    Esther R Namubiru

    EAP/ESP, writing program administration, writing across the curriculum, multilingualism, literacy in postcolonial contexts, language and identity

  • Nic Nusbaumer

    Nic Nusbaumer

    Institutional Rhetorics, Institutional Ethnography, Composition Pedagogy

  • Rosemary Pinney

    Rosemary Pinney

    rhetorical empathy; empathy and the teaching of writing; pedagogy of critical empathy; empathy and feedback in writing assessment; narrative and empathy; rhetorical empathy, power dynamics, and negotiating difference; rhetorical listening

  • Robyn Russo

    Robyn Russo

    writing across the curriculum, multilingual writing, writing program administration, community colleges

  • Randa Saad Awad Saad
  • James E Savage

    James E Savage

    multilingual education, metacognition, language justice, memory and media, qualitative research

  • Sheri Nicole Sorvillo Rain

    Sheri Nicole Sorvillo Rain

    horror studies; rhetorics of mental health conditions and distress; and writing, literature, and feminist pedagogies

  • Emily R C Staudt

    Emily R C Staudt

    teacher growth and development, writing pedagogy, writing across the curriculum

  • Kyle Trott
  • Lauren E Tuckley

    Lauren E Tuckley

    The Psychology of Writing, Writing Self-Efficacy, Self-Regulation, Teaching Writing, Rhetorical Ethics

  • Megan Voelkel
  • John P Walter

    John P Walter

    digital rhetoric, technical communication, digital curation, theories and histories of rhetoric, digital humanities, composition pedagogy, rhetorics and poetics of memory, media ecology, medieval rhetorics and poetics

  • Lacey Wootton

    Lacey Wootton

    affective labor, professional development, composition, writing across the curriculum